Featuring artist: Mateusz Kolek

Limited exhibits available for purchase.

One copy available for each exhibiting artwork, signed by the artist. You may also order unsigned open edition prints of artworks by the artist. Click below for more information.

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Pocket Art Series

Artwork and story, all in a compact-sized folder

In each of these slim-sized paper folders contains an archival grade giclée art print and the story related to the artwork. Not taking much space to store, it can well protect and at the same time display the art print.

Think of it as a meaningful gift when you want to share with your loved ones the beautiful illustration and the message in the story.

Giclée Art Prints

Giclée printing refers to professional guality inkjet printing, using eight or more pigment-based inks in order to produce the finest details of the original artwork. All our art prints are professionally produced in this method.

This printing method and the use of archival grade papers guarantee the longevity and colour reproduction of our prints. This type of prints is durable and resistant to fading and turning yellow, they can last from 100 to 200 years.

We provide a variety of giclée art print products featuring artworks by different illustrators. Limited edition and open edition available.

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Everyone is a storyteller! We will select some of the submitted stories to be featured every month. 你的故事是什麼?不論是畫或文字,我們每月都會挑選部分精選故事或圖畫刊登於此平台。

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