by cabinet.of.stories


→ 定期寄送電子會員通訊
→ 閱讀會員每月限定故事
→支持 StoryTeller 繼續創作 
→ 每季寄送最新一期 Ztorybook (共四本)
→ 優先購買限量產品
→ 優先購買線上及線下活動
→ 參與年度讀書會 
→ 隨每期 Ztorybook 送上限定設計精品 


    Self pick up

    到實體店自提 Self pick-up at Cabinet

    Cabinet of Stories
    1/F, 15 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong
    Tel: 26622282

    Opening hours: 
    Wed - Sun | 12nn - 6pm
    Visit by appointment


    順豐到付 SF Express (Paid by the recipient upon arrival) 

    送到辦公室 / 順豐自提點 / 順豐智能櫃 
    Deliver to office / self pick-up at SF stores or SF lockers

    送貨上門須另加 $20
    For home delivery, an additional fee of $20 is required