It's ok to be series

by cabinet.of.stories


Storyteller 首次將那些受到不少人喜愛的睡前故事做成Pocket Book 小書系列,讓故事不只是網上內容,也可以是送給自己或別人的禮物,也讓創作人得到真正的回報,第一個系列叫【It’s ok to be…..】,有4個不同的主題【SAD/FAT/LAZY/ALONE】。構思這個系列源自很久以前我們曾經發佈一個關於奇洛李維斯很傷心的故事,結果一句 “It’s ok to be sad.” 得到很多共鳴。我們想,人的確沒可能長期很ok,我們有時傷心、有時懶惰、有時一個人、有時吃太多....等等等,但其實也ok!人就像物件一樣,有明有暗才立體。

因此,我們製作了這系列,那似是送給人的小卡套,其實裡面藏了本地創作人寫的幾個短故事,雖然可能有些是比較傷心的故事,特別找來插畫品牌麻甩創作書套的幽默插畫,也做了英文翻譯,讓更多人可以看到這些小故事,想跟自己或你愛的人就說句:” It’s ok to be sad / alone / fat / lazy” 。




麻甩 Ma Lut หม่าลั่ด 對有鬍子的男人情有獨鍾。她在大學時期第一次接觸泰語便深深被泰語字母所迷倒,初次到過曼谷旅遊後,從此愛上泰國,熱愛它簡單和多元化的文化,並以此作為創作元素。擅長繪畫俏皮有型的鬍鬚男士,以沉實幽默的畫風令你沉醉於神秘的泰文之中。終極目標:移民到泰國退休。

The [It’s ok to be...] series collects stories about relatively dark emotions or states that are considered negative by society, it unfolds the complex side of humanity in a light-hearted way and encourages readers to accept the imperfection of life.

〖About the Illustrator〗

Polly Tam was born in Hong Kong. Having grown up in one of the most stressful and depressed cities, her love of pursuing happiness grew tremendously.

Throughout her life, Polly has always been fascinated by the simple and diversified life in Thailand. The interest was cultivated during her first visit to Bangkok in teenage life and further developed when she opted to take her Thai language course in colleague.

Two years after completing her degree, Polly created her own brand – Ma Lut. She draws inspiration from humorous occurrences that happen around her in real life and imagination using acrylic paint on paper as the primary media. She feels that the artistic exchange between Thai culture and the artist can give audience an infinite surprise.

Polly currently lives and works in Hong Kong. Her ultimate goal is moving to Bangkok for retirement.

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Product details

Book jacket: risograph print on Colorplan series 270 gsm paper.
Inside: Accordion fold printed on 90 gsm Munken Pure Rough paper.
Cover illustration by Polly Tam (Malut)


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