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“I’M Fine.”



最簡單、直接的一次性菲林相機,預先上好了最基本而細緻的彩色負片,以溫和日系色調,把你的思緒紀錄在有限的 36 張菲林上。每一下快門,都充滿著心的溫度。不用在意技巧和器材,最重要是凝住當下的心情。



除了功能上是一台相機,I’M Fine 同樣着重給用家帶來富美感而簡潔的外裝設計。機身上印有粉紅到粉藍的漸變色圖形,該形狀靈感來自左右滑動的圓形開關,如情緒的起伏,也像人的思緒變化一樣。


在相機的小細節上更是別具心意,機身上的使用指示將快門稱為 “Freeze a moment (凝住刹那)”;底片剩餘數量稱為 “Remaining moment(s)(剩餘的刹那)”;閃光燈則是” Spark(火花)”。

I’M Fine 不只是一台一次性相機,它會成為你桌上的擺設,成為配飾的一部分,成為照片中的道具,成為口袋中不可缺少,紀錄生活點滴的必需品


預載了因日系粉紅色調而備受年輕用家歡迎的 Fujifilm C200 彩色負片,與設計的主色調相呼應。同時,I’M Fine 的另一個意思正是細緻。相對市面上的一次性相機主打 ISO 400 – 1600 度的高速菲林,ISO 200 的 Fujifilm C200 彩色菲林可為用家帶來細緻的成像。

同時,相機配備了內置閃燈(強度:1-3米距離),即使是使用 ISO 200 的菲林,用家不論在陰天、室內、音樂節上同樣能拍出出色的照片。


菲林:Fujifilm C200 彩色負片

菲林數量 : 36

感光度:ISO 200

閃光燈:1-3 米

藥水:C-41 process

電池:1 AA 電池(已包括在相機內)


Record the current mood with the most user-friendly single use film camera

“I’M Fine.”

An answer that may hide different emotions. When you say “I’m fine”, are you really fine? Or is there a secret sorrow? Some emotions cannot be easily expressed, so let the photos write down the mood of this moment.

When you are good or happy; When you are traveling; or When you are at a party friends, you should capture these wonderful moments and take some casual shots. Look back when you are tired, you have the motivation to move forward.

The most user-friendly single use film camera, with the preloaded basic and fine color negative Japanese pink tone films, records your thoughts on a limited 36-sheet film. Every time you press the shutter, you photograph with great depth of feeling.. Don’t care about your skills an
d equipment, the most important thing is to capture the mood of the moment.

Intentional packaging and small details

In addition to the practical function as a camera, I’M Fine also focuses on the aesthetic and neat look. The camera body is a pink to pink blue gradient. The shape is inspired by the circular switch that slides left and right, like the ups and downs of emotions, as well as the changes in people’s minds.

The blank space on the back of the box is specially designed for gift-giving purpose. It provides a space for writing your blessings. Writing a warm birthday blessing by hand to your friends is not the same as sending a text message.

The small details of I’M Fine are also unique. The shutter on the camera body is called “Freeze a moment”, the remaining amount of films is called “Remaining moment(s)”, and the flash is “Spark”.

Not only is I’M Fine a disposable camera, it can also be a decoration on your desk, part of accessories, a prop in a picture, an indispensable daily necessity to record your life.

Preloaded with color negative Japanese pink tone films

Pre-loaded with color negative Japanese pink tone films which are popular among young users, and echoing the main colors of the design, I’M Fine means ‘meticulosity’. Compared with the market’s one-time cameras with ISO 400-1600 degree high-speed films, ISO 200 C200 color film can produce meticulous images.

Moreover, the camera is equipped with a built-in flash (strength: 1-3 meters distance), even with ISO 200 films, you can also take great pictures on cloudy days or indoors.



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